Making music is a lot of fun. Publishing music is very scary. These songs have all been conjured up, one way or another, in my mind and so in a way these pieces of music are a reflection of who I am. A lot of things can be said about my music.


Heavily inspired by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, I set out to recreate my own vibe. Call it the Spheniscidae Bistro Ensemble.

As for the covert art, I figured it would be fun to show a group of penguins waddling into a sex club. For penguins too need to get their rocks off.

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Lower Manhattan

Sometimes you’re just feeling not so good and that can reflect in music. Can you hear the vinyl VST doing it’s job? You probably can because I went a bit overboard.

Melancholic strings in the background accompany the slightly out of tune piano. The light brushing you hear in the background is actually an Indian percussion instrument.

The cover art just seemed like a cool idea. you know? Life comes in all shapes and sizes. And so do skyscrapers

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Nasty on the P Waves

The P-waves are the primary waves of an earthquake, and travel faster than the secondary S-waves. And sometimes you just want to get nasty on them.

I haven’t made that many songs, but once I get better at composing and mastering I’m going to redo this one and call it Nasty on the S Waves. I absolutely love the bass and drum of this track.

The cover is simply a stylized version of a seismograph.

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The first ever track I made. A simple wurly and a fat kick to resemble the heart beat. It’s suppose to represent the end of life. I’m not sure why I thought doing emo shit like this was a good idea but you know. The human brain works in mysterious ways. The kick stopping half-way is the end of life, the higher octave piano diddle is supposed to be the tears.

I still like the track, because this was literally the first song I made. I never thought I could. And a big shoutout to 🐦AngstBang for inspiring me to get started.

The cover are clouds. What more can be said.

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